(from irc or the fediverse)

"Cyberpunk right now is kind of like Rennaisance Fair people doing their thing while actual knights are running around in full plate armor fighting dragons. It's kinda weird..." -whiteline

"People always forget that the "low-life" of Cyberpunk comes as a direct result of Capitalism violently expanding the gap between the rich and the poor, until the middle class no longer exists. Cyberpunk is capitalism and technological advancement both in the process of being taken to their logical extremes." -vantablack

"It's as if your normal state of being is of memes and shitposts. As if you just cannot help it." -S1ohy

"who the fuck is vantablack." -asdfff

"tbh vantablack is best girl" -Kitty

"I wasn't even sure you were a real person at first." -kalyx

"My advice is to not trust vantablack" -Appleman1234


"Honestly @vantablack is one of the most solid peeps I've ever encountered... Legend material" -soybean

"yo vanta your site is super fucking cool" -io

"vantablack is a cornerstone of the fediverse tbh" -alex

"i feel like i'm entering another world when i visit @vantablack's homepage" -aliasless

"10 out of 10, would Ctrl-A again." -JoYo

"vantablack is the coolest nickname" -chatwebber

"vanta 'crossfaded' black" -gbmor